Slot Overview: The Way of the Tiger

Collaboration with Blueprint Gaming Way of the Tiger is a game developed by Lucky that transports players to the jungle for some exciting animal-themed action. This is a beautiful trip to a beautiful place teeming with animals, some of whom are endangered, in a slot with many intertwining aspects. Way of the Tiger is jam-packed with features as the wilderness used to be with enormous, beautiful creatures (‘used to’ being the crucial word here). Features like Tiger Trails, Free Spins, and multiplied scatter payouts are all available.

For instance, tiger numbers have dropped by almost 97% during the previous century, with the greatest remaining population living in India. This appears to be the game’s setting based on the accompanying sound sounds. Visually, the game places the player in a dark, forested area where a thick forest stands illuminated by a mysterious glow. It looks good, and the artwork makes you curious about where Way of the Tiger will take you next.

Since Lucksome is known for providing a plethora of helpful statistical information, it is easier to predict where it could lead than in other games. Volatility is rated at 6 out of 10 on the load screen, which is helpful to know, but players may alter this by selecting one of three free spins alternatives. The maximum win amount, as well as the more realistic “win focus,” bonus, and win frequency are all included. Once you’ve passed this welcome page, you may play on any device and wager anywhere from 20 pence to £/€200 every spin. There are two possible Return to Player percentages (RTPs): 96.5% (the default) and 97.1% (when purchasing the bonus or activating the Lucksome Locks option).

While we previously stated that Way of the Tiger appears to take place in India, a closer look at the high paying symbols indicates that certain creatures may have been borrowed from Africa. You’ll find the usual 9-A card suit symbols there, followed by antelope/impalas, leopards, buffalo, elephants, and tigers, each of which will multiply your wager by anywhere from 10 to 125 for a full house. If a wild symbol appears, it can be used in lieu of any non-wild symbol to create a winning combination.

Slot Features in “Way of the Tiger”

Way of the Tiger’s major attraction is its free spins, which are supplemented with the Tiger Trail, the Lucksome Locks, and, if available, a Bonus Buy.

Leopard Tracks

Once activated, Tiger Trails is a random main game feature that, for the following two spins, will freeze all scatter symbols and bonus symbols in place. Keep in mind that these are not free rounds. Multipliers for wagers are shown on scatter symbols, and free games are activated with bonus symbols. Tiger Trail is extended by one more spin for each new scatter that appears during an active Tiger Trail spin.

A scatter draw multiplier appears on the top right of the grid. This is the multiplier that will be shown when scatter symbols are present. For as long as the Tiger Trails feature is active, the scatter draw multiplier will increase by one level if there are no line wins during the spin. One, two, three, four, five, eight, ten, and twenty are the multiplier options. Values on all visible scatters are rewarded once all Tiger Trail spins have been used. The value of the scatter draw multiplier is carried over into the free spins round if three or more bonus symbols lock in place during Tiger Trails.

No Risk Turns

When three or more bonus symbols appear, you enter a free spins bonus round. Players have the choice of the following settings before the feature begins:

Free spins with modest win possibility (9 total) and little volatility.

There are 7 free spins with a multiplier of x2 and increased odds of winning thanks to the jungle.

High risk, high reward: 5 bonus spins with a 3x multiplier for the jungle boost feature.

With the high volatility option, each scatter symbol may award up to x1,500 in rewards during the free spins bonus round while the jungle boost multiplier is in effect. Between rounds of free games, the scatter draw multiplier might be raised at random. The multiplier is stepped up by a tier with each randomized upgrade. Multiplier levels are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x, and 500x. Finally, an additional spin is given if a bonus symbol appears on reel 3.

Good Fortune Locks

The Lucky Locks bonus round starts if there are two or more scatter symbols in view, awarding free spins. The Lucksome Locks spin button replaces the standard spin button, however it costs 5 times as much to use. Free spin bonus symbols are the only ones that may be activated during a Lucksome Locks spin. If a third scatter symbol appears, free games will be given.

Freebie Buy

Another option to activate bonus spins is to purchase them altogether. This will launch the free spins bonus round immediately at the cost of 73.4x the total stake.

Tiger’s Eye: The Result of the Slot Game

Several tried-and-true elements have been combined with a few of Lucksome’s own in Way of the Tiger to create something that is quite content to go off on its own. Hold & Win Spins These other bonuses may not seem very innovative taken individually, but they play a unique role in Tiger Trails’ overall design. The goal is to get as many scatter symbols as possible and increase the scatter draw multiplier to the maximum. While it may seem counterintuitive to have to fork out cash after every spin on Tiger Trail, that’s the way it works, and the bonus round has the potential to develop into a thrilling chain of events.

Try out the Lucksome Locks in practice mode before you use them in a real game. If you get three scatters on a single spin, you win five times your bet. In our tests, we found that the bonus round would sometimes activate after only a few spins, and other times it would take much longer, and that achieving regular line wins was impossible when playing Lucksome Locks. In contrast, purchasing free spins outright is cheap in comparison to many other games, and if you choose, you can always go the whole organic route. The fact that Lucksome gives players the option to select the free spins bonus round is indicative of the developer’s commitment to giving players agency. Way of the Tiger has maximum win numbers of 10,000x, while the target win amount is 500x, so it’s clear that the more risky choice is the best bet if you’re want the biggest payouts.

Way of the Tiger is well-made, attractive, and full of features that are mostly conventional fare but have been given a Lucksome twist. Way of the Tiger is another nice, if not particularly exceptional, release thanks to its combination of solid statistics and respectable win potential. It rivals the quality of the studio’s previous efforts, but they appear to excel at slot machine design with fresh concepts like Loki, Lord of Mischief.






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